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Oh my god!!!!

We just watched the slide show - and sobbed and laughed the whole way through! The photos are just incredible. You have captured so much beautiful detail and so many brilliant moments from the day. Thank you for working so hard to produce this for us. I don't know what to say!! I think we'll be watching this an obscene amount of times! 

{ Steph & Bill }


The photos are just incredible, you’ve captured the day and evening perfectly. I’ve watched the slideshow twice and I’ve cried both times!!

{ Alice & James }

Oh. My. God. Just got home and watched the video slideshow. I think I cried more than on the day itself! They’re phenomenal. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

{ Rowan & James }


We watched the photos last night and just wanted to say they are absolutely fantastic! Stewart and I are both so so impressed! We love them all and cant wait to get some printed and put around the house. the natural shots are just amazing and you’ve captured everyone’s emotions so well I was crying looking at the pics such great memories of the week. I honestly want everyone to know how great you are. 

{ Charanpreet & Stewart }


Can’t express how amazing we think the photos are! I watched the video again last night and you really have captured the whole day perfectly, we can’t thank you enough!

{ Lucinda and Kevin }

OMG just watched the slide show and it’s incredible! The photos are amazing, sat in tears reliving the overwhelming joy of the day. The photos capture the day so well and we are beaming looking at them! Thank you!!!

Honestly you have made it all feel real again as I was beginning to think it was all a dream!! Thank you so much!! 

{ Georgia and Ben }

We’ve just gone through the photos and we’d just like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the work you have done in capturing our wedding day. To say that we are ‘pleased’ is nothing short of an understatement.  We are very happy with what you have produced; you've perfectly capturing the essence of how we wanted our day to be.  It was a real pleasure seeing you work and being a part of your process.  

Thanks again Jonny, you really helped make our day, and we have absolutely no trouble in recommending you to friends or family.

{ Neville & Sam }


 We love the photos! Thank you so much! It was so surreal going through them all and reliving the whole day. I think you captured it beautifully and we will treasure the photos forever! I won’t hesitate to recommend you to friends in the future.

{ Becky and Will }


We absolutely looooove the pictures from our wedding! They are so beautiful and they instantly bring us back to our wedding day. We love how you captured every important moment and how happy everyone looks. I keep looking at them and the more I look at them the more I love them. 

{ Margaux and Cedric }


Thank you so much for the pictures - they are wonderful. You managed to capture all the important people throughout the day and make us look fantastic. I had so many compliments from both friends and family about your professionalism and amiability. I will most heartily recommend your services. Many thanks for your wonderful photos and making us all look our very best!

{ Bronwyn and Rahul }


Thank you so much for the amazing photos! They're all really excellent and such a treat to look through when we got back from honeymoon. We really loved having you at our wedding and the photos have come out brilliantly!

{ Sophie and Giles }


There are so many great shots in there, absolutely amazing.  I am by no means photogenic but you have managed to make me look normal!  Harriet looks stunning.  We are incredibly pleased with the results and cannot thank you enough. I have to say - job is a good 'un! Many thanks again!

{ Jonathan & Harriet }


We are incredibly happy with the photos, thank you SO much, we absolutely love them - every time i'm on public transport at the moment I find myself flicking through them again.  One of my bridesmaids told me this morning that she couldn't believe how intimate some of them are when she doesn't really remember noticing you taking many photos, which is exactly what we were hoping for when we asked you to photograph our wedding.  Speaking to my Dad on the phone as he started to look at some that we'd sent to him he kept saying 'he really is a VERY good photographer, isn't he?'.  Not sure what his expectations were but you obviously exceeded them.

Thank you so much for the wonderful job that you have done, and for being so great on the day - we are so very happy that we chose you! And you can see the STARS in the sky in one of them! Is that real?  It's like witchcraft or magic or something!  Awesome.

{ Holly & Drummond }


The photos are completely AMAZING! I cannot tell you how much we love them and how they really capture what really was our perfect day. Thank you so much. We had a great honeymoon but it has been none stop ever since and we are desperately looking forward to some proper time this weekend to look through them all again and again. There are so many incredible shots and some of the ones of the children really are wonderful!

You did an amazing job and captured the joy and happiness and all the emotions of the day and they are pictures that we and our families will cherish for years to come – thank you so so much

{ Hannah & Andrew }


Wow!!! Your photographs are absolutely wonderful.  The amazing thing was that I had no idea you were clicking away, clever chap.  You have captured the happiness and sadness of the most perfect, if not exhausting day, thank you so much.

{ Nicki, mother of the bride }


Thank you so much! We love all the photos! Thank you also for just being utterly brilliant on the day. We really helped everything run smoothly and we loved having you there as did our families. It’s amazing to see the moments you managed to capture. 

{ Annabel and Tom }


Thank you so much for the beautiful photos. David and I had a good weep at the slideshow last night. We love how well you captured the spirit of the day.

{ Laura and David }


Tony and I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for the amazing photos.  We absolutely love them and are pleased that they have arrived so quickly!  We had the best time ever and that is completely reflected in all of your wonderful photos. Thanks again! We're so chuffed!

{ Abbie & Tony }


The photos arrived today - we absolutely love them, great work! You captured some great moments and even the formal shots came out really nicely. Thank you so much!

{ Cris and Thomas }


Hi Jonny, just a quick one to say a big thank you! We love the photos and slideshow you put together, and you helped make it really easy for us to relax and enjoy it on the day. Thanks for capturing so many happy memories! 

{ Joel and Ella }


The photos are perfect!  Thanks so much again for all of your hard work and attention to this shoot!  These photos definitely capture the wedding as a whole, thanks for helping out and being part of the madness!

{ Quinn and Madeleine }


Thanks for this - love the online gallery and all who have seen them so far agree that the mood and essence of the day is so well captured! We have received the USB too and it's great - thank you! 

{ Reeta & Vijay }


We finally managed to have a look at the photos on Christmas Eve, and absolutely love them!  You’ve captured the spirit and the fun of our day perfectly! You’ve also got some really great ones of our friends and family, which we’ll really treasure.  And you were right, I needn’t have worried about the issues with the church photos as the shots from the balcony are so lovely.  Also, thanks so much for getting the wedding breakfast room without people in, as Tom never saw that on the day!

{ Steph and Tom }


Thank you so much for these wonderful photos! Really happy with them - you've done a fantastic job!!

{ Spencer and Oliver }


Thank you, thank you, thank you..... for our beautiful photographs. They arrived last week but we have only sat down to look at them this evening. They were so beautifully packaged and the photographs themselves are perfect, capturing so many details we didn't see on the day.

{ Sarah and David }


WOW! The photos are absolutely amazing… we can’t thank you enough for capturing our day so perfectly. It was so nice to sit through and be able to relive the day through your perfect photography! They’re better than we ever could have expected and you really have captured everything. We can’t wait to show them off and now I suppose the difficulty is choosing which ones we want in an album!

{ Kirsty & Mark }


We have just finished watching the slideshow – Kate cried more just now than she did on the day! Thank you so much, they truly are wonderful and capture the day perfectly. Thanks again for all your help in creating memories for us to cherish for many years to come.

{ Kate & Miguel }


Charley and I just watched the slide show. We love it! You captured the day and everyone so well. Gorgeous and moving and funny!! We both think your great!! Thank you so so much. We will recommend you to anyone we know needing a photographer.

{ Victoria & Charley }


We’ve watched the DVD slideshow so many times today. Simply amazing. Your photos are not only technically excellent, but they brilliantly capture the event and the emotions of the day, which is exactly what we were after. David and I both felt like we were re-living the day as we watched it and it brought a tear (of happiness!) to the eye.

{ David & Louise }


Thank you. The photos are absolutely fantastic. Really, really brilliant – beautifully shot, capturing the day exactly as we remember it and some bits we don’t remember.

{ Paul & Hannah }


We sat down with a glass of wine once the boys were in bed and watched the slide show. Needless to say I was in tears (sometimes of laughter with some of the candid images!) and we loved the photos. Thank you greatly for capturing the day so elegantly.

{ Jessica & Josh }


Thank you so much for capturing the memories of our wedding in such a wonderful way! I can’t stop looking at the photographs!

{ Anna & Ralf }


There are so many really beautiful pictures and the slide show certainly tells the story of our day, we have watched it more times than we should admit to!

{ Hannah & Henry }


Hey there Jonny, we’ve just received the pics and we LOVE them. Had a little weep at the beautiful moments you managed to capture for us. Thank you so much.

{ Lucy & Arthur }